Our Team

Winnie Tang

With over 20 years’ experience, Winnie specializes in the design, development, construction, and management of commercial and multifamily properties that target the housing needs of under-served communities and neighborhoods in the Greater Phoenix metro area.

As a licensed General Contractor, she delivers an attentive ear, organic aesthetic, concierge approach and reputable, yet humble service to an industry that can deter client experience.

Winnie graduated from ASU in 2002 with a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. In 2022, she completed a 2-year Certificate Program in Construction Management from UC Berkeley.

Patrick Mahin

Construction Superintendent

Pat Mahin has 40 years’ experience in residential and commercial construction, with the last 25 years serving the role of superintendent. His vast experience delivers visionary corroboration with subcontractors to assure that the quality craftmanship is in accordance with architectural drawings. Pat’s gentle and skilled insight elevates the construction experience for all parties.

When not on a jobsite, Pat can be found exploring nature and camping throughout Arizona.